How to Reuse Wood Chips from Your Next Yard Cleanup

Garden Wood ChipsAnytime you use a wood chipper to clear fallen limbs and tree trimmings, you’re sure to generate plenty of excess wood chips. Some people simply burn them or pay to have them hauled off to a landfill, but these wood chips can come in handy around the house, too! Today we’ll consider a few clever ways to reuse wood chips from your next yard cleanup:

Fire up the Grill

Next time you use your grill or smoker, try cooking over wood chips to impart a delicious smoky flavor. Some woods – such as hickory, oak and maple – are particularly good for grilling and smoking.

Mulch Your Garden

Using fresh wood chips as mulch offers a variety of benefits. Proper mulching will keep your plants warm in the winter and cool in the summer, help them retain water and keep those pesky weeds away. It will also replenish your garden with nutrients as it decays at the end of the growing season.

Create a Footpath

Wood chips can also be used to create an attractive footpath on your property. A wood-chip footpath will help to suppress weeds and promote healthy soil drainage in the area as well.

Start a Campfire

If you enjoy camping, keep some extra wood chips on hand to use as kindling. They take longer to catch than sawdust, but they also burn longer.

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