How to Use a Walk-Behind Trencher on Your Property

Installing a sprinkler system can make lawn and garden maintenance much easier, but digging trenches for those sprinklers by hand can be time-consuming and back-breaking work.

Why not rent a walk-behind trencher instead? Here’s how to use one:

  • First, prep the ground. Remove any tripping hazards or materials that could get caught in the trencher.
  • Now, you’re ready to start the trencher. Turn on the fuel switch and give it a bit of choke. Then, turn the key switch and lower the throttle slightly. Once the trencher is running, you can give it a bit of gas, activate the hydraulic pump and put the transmission in the forward position.
  • Move the trencher into place and Lower the boom arm to the preferred depth. Then, release the safety lever and begin walking backwards.
  • When you first start trenching, keep the wheels locked in place. Then, disengage the wheels and put the transmission in reverse when you’re ready to move.
  • Remember to always pull the trencher towards you rather than pushing it forward. Use both hands on the trencher’s handles to guide it.
  • Be safe. Since you’re walking backwards, make sure to look behind you every so often to make sure your path is clear of obstacles.

Trenchers aren’t just good for irrigation systems—they can also be used to install invisible fences for pets.

If you’ve decided to install a sprinkler system on your property, you’ll need the right tools for the job. At Lawrence Tool Rental, we offer walk-behind trenchers and a variety of other useful lawn and garden equipment at rental rates you can afford. To learn more, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today!

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