Making Mulch With a Wood Chipper

Savvy gardeners known that mulching is the icing on the top of the proverbial cake of every healthy flowerbed. Mulch doesn’t just make gardens look nice; it also helps to keep them weed-free and well fertilized. As the mulch decomposes every year, it adds a layer of compost to the soil that makes it more fertile and nutrient rich.

You can buy mulch at your local gardening supply store, but there’s likely a cheaper alternative right in your back yard. Clearing out some brush this summer? Don’t just kick it to the curb for the garbage truck! Instead, you can recycle the branches into fresh mulch for your garden.

A small wood chipper will make quick work of smaller branches and pieces of brush. Larger limb chippers can handle branches up to 12 inches in diameter. You’ll be surprised how much mulch you can generate from just a few downed limbs in your yard.

A wood chipper will pulverize branches into small wood chips that will nicely fertilize your garden over time. If you get some extra leaves and organic material mixed in as well, don’t worry! It will all become compost for your garden as it decomposes.

Once you’ve made your mulch, just spread a thick layer of it around trees and in flowerbeds. A fresh layer of mulch will also help to prevent soil erosion around paths and the edges of your flowerbeds. Hang on to those branches and pieces of brush and you’ll never have to buy mulch in a store again.


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