How to Safely Operate a Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader

If you’ve got an upcoming project that requires a Bobcat skid-steer loader, it pays to know some safety rules that can help you avoid potential injuries and property damage. The good news is, these vehicles are actually quite easy to operate. Today we’ll address a few essential Bobcat safety tips.

Enter and Exit Carefully

When entering the skid-steer loader, make sure the bucket is resting flat on the ground and the lift-arm supports are in place. When exiting, the bucket should also be resting flat on the ground, the engine should be off and the parking brake should be set.

Never leap off or onto a skid-steer loader; always use the three-point method to mount and dismount. This means that you should always have three points of contact (both hands and a leg or both legs and a hand) with the machine.

Sit Tight

Always sit down and wear your seatbelt when operating a skid-steer loader. If you stand up or skip the seatbelt, you’ll be at risk of bouncing around in the cab. Always keep your head, arms and legs inside the cab while working, and don’t take any passengers with you, especially children.

Keep Your Balance

Lifting a heavy load will shift weight from the front to the rear axle. You should always point heavy loads forward when traveling up a hill to avoid tipping over.

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