Five Essential Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Are you in the process of trying to tackle a DIY project for the first time? You probably don’t have the tools handy that you will need to do it. And while you could run out and spend a bunch of money on those tools, it would be much more practical to rent them since you don’t know if you’ll ever need them again.

Whether you’re doing a small project in a bathroom or renovating your whole house, here are the five essential tools you’ll need for home improvement projects.

Floor sanders: If the floors inside of your home are starting to look worn, it might be time to sand them down and refinish them. You could pay someone else to do it, but it would be a lot cheaper for you to rent a floor sander and tackle the project on your own. Five Essential Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Nailers: Whether you’re laying down new flooring or putting up framing for a new room that you’re building, trying to nail everything by hand isn’t practical at all. Nailers will allow you to nail things together quickly so that you can keep your project moving along.

Drain cleaning: You should save most plumbing projects for the professionals since you can cause damage to a plumbing system if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you need to do something relatively simple like clear a drain, you can do it by utilizing drain cleaning tools. It will get the water flowing through your home in no time.

Paint sprayers: If you plan on painting the outside of your home or a large amount of the inside of your home, painting with a brush might not make a whole lot of sense for you. Instead, try painting with a paint sprayer that will give you better coverage and help you paint quicker.

Tile saws: It isn’t difficult to lay a tile floor, but one of the challenges people face is cutting tile to fit certain spaces. You can do it by renting a tile saw that will make it easy to piece together a tile floor like a puzzle.

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