Get Your Landscaping Tools for the Spring

Although it’s still only January and Winter is still happening, it’s never to soon to start thinking about you landscaping tasks for the Spring season. Obtaining the proper landscaping tools for your small landscaping company can give you the opportunity to acquire landscaping jobs you may not have gotten without these tools.

Here are some landscaping tools you may consider renting:

Lawn Tools You’ll Need

Many homeowners may need to have their lawn restored with seed. Acquiring a Toro Self Propelled Over Seeder will give your employees an easy and efficient way to seed lawns. It takes time to throw with your hands, and this machine acts just like a push mower. This can help your lawn get the right proportion of food it needs.

The Ryan Wide Aerator 24 can help the customer relieve the soil compaction in the lawn. Giving a customer this service annually will enhance grass growth and give them a healthier lawn. The aerator will create holes in the soil compaction to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots.

Tougher jobs such as getting rid of annoying tree stumps require a machine. Many landscaping companies restrict themselves of these jobs if they don’t have the proper equipment. The Toro STX 26 Stump Grinder is the most trusted grinder to get the job done no matter what the conditions are.

Garden and Landscaping Tools

Springtime can be tough for landscaping. Creating new beds for flowers or plants can be difficult depending on the toughness of the ground. The Maxim Front Tine Garden Tiller gives your company the ability to till the soil quickly and efficiently to help create new flower/plant beds for your customers.

Edging garden beds can be done by hand, but when your landscaping company books a larger gig, the EZ Trench Flower Bed Edgerwill help you restore edges evenly or create fresh ones.

Along with generating new beds, you may need a Bluebird Sod Cutter 18. This machine will save you time and money when trying to tear up sod for a bed. The sod will be lifted much easier than cutting it by hand with a spade.

If you own a landscaping company looking to improve business and obtain larger jobs, check out Lawrence Tool Rental’s rental products. Contact us at 317-826-2654!

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