Factors to Consider When Planning a Deck

A deck is a perfect place to enjoy your summer months while hanging with friends, cooking barbecue and just enjoying the warm weather under the sun. Before you head to the hardware store to start your build, there are a few items that you should take into consideration so you can build the deck that will best suit your needs.

Deck Versus Patio

The very first step in attaching any item to your home is knowing what you really want and what your house is built for. By all definitions, a deck is a platform made from deck boards, which is ideal when you want a flat area built onto a sloped yard or if the access that you’ll have to the porch from the house sits above the ground. A patio, by contrast, is built onto flat ground. As a rule of thumb, if the door to your home opens to the level of your backyard, then a patio is ideal for you. If you want the best of both worlds, though, you can build a deck that leads down to a ground-level patio.

What Will You Use Your Deck For?

Building a New DeckNow that you’ve decided that a deck is right for you, you also need to think about what you will be doing on the deck once it is constructed. This is a crucial step because this how you plan to utilize your outdoor space has a lot to do with planning how your deck should be built.

For instance, if you plan to do a lot of grilling, then you need to ensure that your deck has sufficient space to place a grill or construct one as part of your build in a way that is fireproof. You must also figure out how many people will be occupying your deck at any given time. If you plan on having the entire neighborhood on the deck at one time, then you will need to pay extra to support structures and the space your deck covers.

You will also have to think about how you will be accessing your deck. If it isn’t as simple as just walking out the door and onto the platform, then additional costs and construction may be necessary to add a door to your home for access.

Think About Materials

Now it’s really time to get down to the nitty gritty and decide what you want your deck to be made out of. This is not only a decision about what the deck will look like but how much it may cost. You can always go with the traditional wood option. It looks rustic and is less expensive, but you will have to spend time and money on maintenance as the years go on. Composite boards look just like wood but are actually a combination of wood and plastic. They give that same classic look but need less maintenance, though composite does cost a little more.

Shade and Lighting

There are several other factors that you will need to consider before finalizing the plans for your deck. If you are concerned with rain or have constant sun exposure, you will want to think about what types of protection you will want to implement to keep you dry and shaded. Common choices are movable umbrellas or more permanent awnings, though you can even build a roof over your deck as a permanent solution.

When day turns to night, you will want to have adequate lighting out there, so keep lighting ideas in mind as well. External fixtures will be important, whether solar lights mounted on deck corners, exterior lights along the walls of the house or hanging fixtures if you opt to install a roof.

If you’ll be building the deck yourself, you will need tools and equipment. Lawrence Tool Rental can help! We offer a wide range of small construction equipment for rent that can help make your deck project much easier, including post hole augers, air compressors, saws, nailers and much more.

Once you’ve taken all of your deck considerations into account and are ready to move on to the installation, give us a call at 317-826-2654 and let us help you get the tools and equipment you need to build the perfect deck for you to enjoy your summer in style.

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