An Up Close Look at a Chainsaw

At first glance, a chainsaw may seem like a simple tool used for making large cuts. However, they are pretty complex machines with numerous moving parts.

ChainsawIn a recent video posted by Gizmodo, the tool’s operation is broken down to show how it’s made and how it works. We find out what moves everything is a lightweight piston inside the handle area of the chainsaw. This piston then moves a tightened crankshaft, which gives power to a three-row chain that moves at an amazing 70 miles per hour.

On the outside rows of the chain are 33 sharp cutting teeth that can handle the hardest of woods, but the strength of the chainsaw isn’t from these teeth but rather the piece metal they are on. Known as a guide bar, this piece needs to be specially made as it needs to be durable for sustained usage but also light enough for someone to use without getting exhausted.

A guide bar is typically made in a factory and is composed of three different pieces. It starts off with two whole metal pieces that start off separated. Then a hollowed out, reinforced piece of metal is placed upon one of them. This hollow piece makes the guide bar durable while keeping it from being heavy. The other whole piece of metal is placed upon the other two, sandwiching the hollow metal. Once stacked, the three pieces are put into a machine that electrically fuses them together to create a permanent bond and serve as the central piece that the chain is set upon.

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