Category: Lawn Care

Prep Your Property for Spring

Whether you just purchased your home or are looking to make some improvements once the weather breaks, spring is rapidly approaching and your first chance in months to make changes, repairs or additions is coming up fast. If this is your new home, this marks your opportunity to put your very own personal stamp on… Read more »

Using Fallen Leaves to Mulch Your Soil

It’s Fall season finally, which means those trees in your yard will start falling. Of course, this gives you another chore to do. Picking up leaves can be annoying but not if you use the leaves for something that will help your garden soil. Most homeowners let out a sigh when they see leaves starting… Read more »

How to Keep Yourself Busy in the Yard During COVID-19

Practicing social distancing is extremely important during this time. The health and safety of others may be in your hands, so it’s vital for you to obey the rules and stay home. This does not mean you can’t go out of your house. If you’re looking to do some yard work or other home projects… Read more »

Ways to Improve Patchy Spots in Your Lawn

Your lawn might be almost perfect looking, but you may also have patchy spots in your lawn that you’ve been having trouble fixing. There are many ways to fix this issue and get your lawn looking green and healthy again. At Lawrence Tool Rental, we have the tools and machines for you to get the… Read more »