Ways to Improve Patchy Spots in Your Lawn

Your lawn might be almost perfect looking, but you may also have patchy spots in your lawn that you’ve been having trouble fixing. There are many ways to fix this issue and get your lawn looking green and healthy again. At Lawrence Tool Rental, we have the tools and machines for you to get the job done!

repairing patchy grass on lawn

Replacing Sod Might Be the Right Choice

Bare spots in your lawn can be a pain in the rear end, and sometimes the right move is to dig up the dead spots and replace the sod. If you have a large area of dead spots, renting a sod cutter from us could help you pull up the area quickly and efficiently before laying down new sod.

Planting New Seeds

If you have a larger yard with many bare spots in the lawn, then laying new seed down for new grass growth is a very good option. One way to do this is to buy seed and spread it using your hands, which could take a while if you have a big yard. Another way to do this is to rent the Toro Self Propelled Over Seeder that disperses the seed while you push it along the lawn. This works just like a push mower, so it ensures that the seed delivery is regulated for the entire area.

Check out all the lawn repairing tips for more information on how you can repair your lawn to its healthy life.

Aerating your lawn can also be extremely beneficial for the life and growth of your grass. We also offer aerators for rent if you choose to go this route in repairing patches on your lawn.

Lawrence Tool Rental

At Lawrence Tool Rental, we make sure that we have the right tools and lawncare machines in stock for our customers to rent. When it comes to lawncare and giving life back to your once beautiful lawn, we have the perfect tools for you. Contact us at 317-826-2654 today!

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