Prep Your Property for Spring

Whether you just purchased your home or are looking to make some improvements once the weather breaks, spring is rapidly approaching and your first chance in months to make changes, repairs or additions is coming up fast. If this is your new home, this marks your opportunity to put your very own personal stamp on your new property.

Show your neighbors and passersby what it looks like when you own a home by making outdoor improvements to your property. What sort of bushes are your bushes? Do you have an arrangement of stones around a garden? Maybe you want to install a fence along the borders of your property. All of these tasks will require a lot of hard work, but in the end it will be worth it.

Spring Property WorkRevamping your property isn’t something that you do often, which means that you may need some extra equipment to get the job done. Since some things, like fence posthole augers, are something you won’t need very often, it doesn’t always make sense to shell out a large sum of money for equipment you won’t need again. Rather than buying equipment that will only rust and attract spiderwebs in your garage, improve your property by renting the equipment you’ll need.

At Lawrence Tool Rental, we have a wide range of construction and outdoor equipment for your home gardening, corporate property upkeep and other smaller outdoor construction jobs. We offer power tool rentals for small projects or trimming back your plants and trees, and a range of lawn and garden equipment, including mowers and tractors that can help you keep your landscaping organized and beautiful. Have a more rural property and need to take care of fields and other sprawling areas? We’ve got trench diggers and posthole augers that can help you manage your drainage and fence off your property.

Renting this equipment is a very wise investment. These are tools and are expensive to buy, and most homeowners will only need to use this equipment once or twice in maintaining their homes. Make your property your own and add the features and looks you want with the help of Lawrence Tool Rental. Call us at 317-826-2654 to learn more or stop by and see us on Thunderbird Road in Indianapolis to see our full inventory today.

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