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Five Essential Tools for Home Improvement Projects

Are you in the process of trying to tackle a DIY project for the first time? You probably don’t have the tools handy that you will need to do it. And while you could run out and spend a bunch of money on those tools, it would be much more practical to rent them since… Read more »

Essential Tips for Using a Stump Grinder

Have a stubborn tree stump stuck in your yard that you’re not sure how to get rid of? A stump grinder is the right tool for the job. If you’ve never used one of these tools in the past, however, you may need a little help getting started. Today we’ll address a few of the… Read more »

Benefits of Properly Overseeding Your Lawn

Most homeowners take pride in the appearance of their lawn, putting in long hours in the spring and summer to ensure it looks its best. But mowing, watering and fertilizing can only go so far. After a few years, your grass will start to reproduce at a slower rate, thinning your lawn out and allowing… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Garden’s Soil for Planting

Now that spring has finally arrived, you may be thinking about adding some new plantings to your garden! Of course, a healthy garden always begins with good soil. Today we’ll offer a few suggestions to help you prepare your garden’s soil for planting. Don’t Start Too Early Ideally, you’ll start prepping your garden’s soil in… Read more »