How to Prepare Your Garden’s Soil for Planting

Planting a GardenNow that spring has finally arrived, you may be thinking about adding some new plantings to your garden! Of course, a healthy garden always begins with good soil. Today we’ll offer a few suggestions to help you prepare your garden’s soil for planting.

Don’t Start Too Early

Ideally, you’ll start prepping your garden’s soil in the fall. If that’s not possible, go ahead and do the prep work in the spring, but avoid digging in soil that’s still semi-frozen or soggy, as this can do more harm than good to the soil’s structure. You’ll know the soil is ready when a handful of it falls apart rather than forming a ball of mud.

Add Organic Matter

Mix organic matter with native soil—at least half and half, or possibly more. You could call nearby stables for well-composted horse manure, gather shredded leaves or use cow manure from a garden supply store. Another great idea is to start composting vegetable scraps from your kitchen to use as organic matter for your garden.

Dig Deep

Most plants need between 6 and 8 inches for their roots to grow. Root crops, like potatoes or carrots, need a foot or more. Make sure your garden has a thick layer of rich soil to support healthy growth.

Skip Chemical Fertilizers

Stay away from chemical fertilizer products. While they will replenish certain minerals, they do nothing to maintain the long-term health of your soil. Organic matter will add all the nutrients your plants need for a bountiful harvest.

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