A Brief Guide to Pressure Washer Safety

Pressure washers are extremely useful tools that can make quick work of even the largest home cleaning projects. They are versatile and efficient; well suited to a variety of cleaning applications. Like any power tool, however, they should be approached with a healthy degree of respect and caution. By taking necessary safety precautions however, you can use pressure washers effectively without risking a serious personal injury to your extremities.

Pressure Washer

Mind Your Power Source

Gas-powered pressure washers typically offer more power than their electric counterparts, but their exhaust makes them unsuitable for jobs that aren’t well-ventilated. In general, only use gas-powered pressure washers outdoors or in very well-ventilated areas such as garages with open doors.

Electric pressure washers can be used indoors, but they have their own unique safety considerations as well. Bear in mind that electricity and water should not mix. Keep power cords elevated and dry, and do not touch plugs with wet hands.

Wear Adequate Protective Gear

Pressure washers, especially gas-powered ones, make a quite a bit of noise. They can also also spray water and detergents at upwards of 3000 psi. Likewise, it’s important that operators wear safety equipment to protect themselves from these dangers. Wear hearing protection whenever you operate gas-powered pressure washers, and wear gloves, sturdy close-toed shoes and eye protection at all times. Eye protection is particularly important when using certain cleaning detergents.

Start Slow

When you first start pressure washing, opt for a low-pressure spray pattern. This will give you a feel for the power of pressure washer, and ensure that you don’t accidentally strip paint or sealer off of the surface you’re cleaning. You can always increase the pressure as needed.

Think Gun Safety

The spray gun on your pressure washer is, well, a gun. Never point it at yourself or others, and never leave it unattended when the pressure washer is running. Think of this as comparable to leaving a loaded firearm unattended. Yes, a spray gun is not as powerful as a firearm, but it should be treated with the same kind of respect. Better safe than sorry, you know?

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