Most Important Tools for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summer is in full swing, which means everyone is getting outside, enjoying the warm weather and tending to their landscaping. After all, you’ve probably hosted one or two barbeques at your home this year, and hopefully your yard was not a mess for your guests.

Landscaping YourselfMost Important Tools for Summer Lawn Maintenance | Lawrence Tool Rental Inc.

Rather than hiring a pricey landscaping company to do the work for you or going out and spending a ton of money on equipment, why not consider renting lawn-care equipment from Lawrence Tool Rental Inc.? We’ve got all you need right here at a fraction of the cost. Check out our list of which lawn-care tools are most important for your outdoor projects this summer:

Garden Tillers – Used to prepare soil for your garden in an extremely efficient amount of time, renting a garden tillers is a must this summer. Not only will a tiller work to loosen up dirt and rocks, but it’s a great way to cut time when it comes to incorporating fertilizers and various soil additives. Who needs a shovel when a tiller can get the job done quicker and better?

Bed Edgers – If you want your garden and flower bed edges to look as clean as possible, this is the tool for you. The bed edger will allow you to maneuver around lawn and beds quickly and easily without worry that you may accidentally slip up and chop off some of your favorite blooms. You won’t believe what a difference the clean lines will make on the overall look of your landscaping.

Aerators – Used to allow air to mixed with soil, water, fertilizer, etc., an aerator is a great choice for those who are looking to improve the drainage of their soil. Additionally, because this will allow for a better and more even flow of oxygen through the soil, you will be increasing your garden and lawns chances for better growth.

Dethatcher – We all know the pains and struggles of trying to remove thatch from our lawn by hand. The thick, tough patches are nearly impossible to pull out clean from the root and using a shovel can be just as exhausting. A dethatcher is specifically designed to remove thatches from the deepest layers to make room for new grass growth. No more need for you to over-exert yourself.

All of these great summer tools are available to rent through Lawrence Tool Rental Inc., as well as many other helpful products. Check out our inventory and call us to get started on your outdoor summer projects today!

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