Sprucing Up Your Lawn for Springtime

It’s almost the new year, which means winter is in full swing. Spring will be here before we know it, which means it’s time to start thinking about your spring to do list for your lawn. It’s time to take a few easy steps to help make your lawn all the more lush and verdant for the nice weather ahead.

Sprucing Up Your Lawn for Springtime

Clean up winter mess

The best way to start your springtime lawn prep is by clearing out any leftover debris from the winter that may be littering your lawn. This includes picking up any sticks or branches and clearing out any dead weeds or growth. Removing this debris frees the grass to grow evenly, and will prevent dead spots or hazardous items that can later catch in your mower.


The next step is dethatching your lawn to remove dead leaves and leftover brown grass. Mow low and gently rake your lawn to free up the dead stems and leaves that remain after a long winter, allowing sunlight and springtime rains to better penetrate the soil and promote new, fresh growth.


To further promote new growth, use an aerator to help loosen the top layer of your lawn and create new holes for nutrients, water, air and new seeds to get into the soil. It’s a good idea to do this once during the spring and again during the fall to help promote optimal lawn growth conditions year-round.

De-Weed, Re-Seed

Now is the time to patch up any balding areas of the lawn and take steps to prevent weeds from taking root. Since herbicide doesn’t discriminate, it’s best not to apply any weed killer if you intend to plant new grass seed.

 If your lawn doesn’t need to be reseeded, consider applying a pre-emergence weed preventing herbicide before weeds begin to sprout. This should be done following aeration, as the treatment will create a protective barrier that can be compromised by aerating afterwards.

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