Cleaning Up Leaves in the Fall

Every Fall season, homeowners try and find new ways to clean up the leaves that fall on their lawn. Cleaning up leaves is one of those chores in the Fall season that everyone dreads doing. There are several ways to make the task easier and more efficient for yourself. With a little help from Lawrence Tool Rentalyou’ll be able to clear your lawn of leaves and other debris this Fall season!

Try these Lawn Tools for the Fall! 

Fall leaf cleaning with leaf blower

Billy Goat Self Propelled Leaf Vac

Leaf vac can be one of the most useful lawn tools you can rent to clean up the leaves on your lawn. All you have to do is push the machinery just like a lawn mower over your lawn. The vac will sweep up all the leaves into the bag attached. Remember to empty the bag of leaves every time it gets full. 

Billy Goat Walk Behind Blower

The walk behind blower that we offer for rent is a great leaf blower tool because it allows you to walk behind the machine pushing it along your lawn. Many other leaf blowers require you to carry the blower causing tiredness and stress on your arms. This leaf blower is extremely useful for getting the leaves off your lawn efficiently. 

Stihl Backpack Blower 

A very trustworthy and efficient leaf blower is one that you can comfortably carry as a backpack. This is good for hand blowing the leaves, and it doesn’t put as much weight on your arm while carrying it. The Stihl Backpack Blower is a good useful tool to use when trying to clear off your yard of leaves. 

If you’re looking for helpful lawn tools for this Fall season to help you clean off the leaves on your lawn, contact Lawrence Tool Rental at 317-826-2654 today or visit us online for more information! 

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