Autumn Has Arrived! Time to Think About Leaf Control

With summer over, it’s time to settle in for another season of football games, hayrides and, of course, leaf collection. Love it or hate it, fall just wouldn’t be the same without having to wrangle thousands of leaves off of our lawns and into bags for the garbage truck. Fortunately, we have some helpful tools at our disposal that can make quick work of the process and eliminate the need to break out the rake. Today, we’ll look at a few easy options for controlling and collecting fallen leaves. These tools fall into two distinct categories: blowers and vacuums.

Autumn Has Arrived! Time to Think About Leaf Control

Leaf Blowers

The lightweight, handheld rake replacement option. Choose from hefty gas-powered options, or lighter electric blowers for smaller applications. Leaf blowers to a fine job of moving and consolidating leaves to a designated location, and are especially helpful if you have an area such as a compost pile that you can add fallen leaves to. Otherwise, you’ll have to bag them up yourself and leave them on the sidewalk for trash pickup. Leaf blowers can also get pretty heavy if you have an especially large lawn to contend with.

Leaf Vacuums

Here we have a larger, somewhat more cumbersome option, but one that eliminates the extra step of having to bag your leaf piles. Leaf vacuums, rather than being handheld, are typically attached to a riding or push mower. As you mow your lawn, the vacuums compost leaf matter and suck them into a collecting reservoir that can be detached from the rest of the vacuum. Once you’re done, simply empty the reservoir into a trash bag and call it a day.

Here at Lawrence Tool Rental, we carry a variety of leaf blowers and vacuums to accommodate lawns of all shapes and sizes. Best of all, they’re all available at a fraction of the purchase price. Give us a call today, and get a jump on your fall lawn care with one of these helpful, time-saving tools.

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