A Gardener’s Guide to Tilling

With the weather turning towards spring, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your gardening for the summer season. This is the time when turning your soil and preparing it for planting is essential. There are few things in life more beautiful than the sight of freshly tilled earth. Before you fire up the tiller, however, we have a few preliminary steps to take care of first.

A Gardener’s Guide to Tilling

Test Your Soil

Take your soil to a local garden supply store to have it tested. This will tell you what soil additives, if any, your garden will need this season. By testing your soil first, you can avoid adding unnecessary fertilizers to your garden.

Spread Your Additives

If you have compost prepared for your garden, apply it to the soil before you till. Other additives, such as lime and manure can be spread at the same time. Wait to spread chemical fertilizers until just before you plant.

Wait For Rain

Actually, wait till a day or two after a nice, steady rainfall. You want the soil to be moist, but not excessively damp when you till. This will ensure that it breaks up and spreads evenly.

Till in Two Directions

First, till your garden from side to side, overlapping your rows slightly to ensure the soil is thoroughly tilled. Take care to remove any vegetation such as roots and weeds as you go. Once you’re done tilling from side to side, repeat the process but in a direction perpendicular to your original path. Once you’re done, gently rake the soil to smooth and flatten it.

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