Things to Keep in Mind When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

A clean paint job is like a well-tailored jacket. It looks fresh, sharp, but can protect you from the elements. Your home needs its own “special coat,” too, so when you notice the paint starting to chip, crack and peel, it probably isn’t the most assuring feeling. That’s why experts recommend repainting your home every 3-7 years. Don’t know where to begin in the exterior painting process? Read our tips for getting started. Things to Keep in Mind When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Scrubbing down

During this process, you’ll want to protect any shrubbery or plants growing near the foundation of your home. Spray them lightly with water and cover them in fabric drop cloths to prevent them from becoming damaged by falling paint debris. And always, always pressure wash your home’s walls first by using a pressure washer, or for less advanced home repairers, a hose or pump sprayer.

Scraping and Sanding

Lead paint was banned from homeowner use in homes built before 1978, but if your home was built after that, you should take the steps necessary to prevent airborne lead particles from polluting the air. While scraping and sanding your home, wear a mask to protect yourself from toxic material, and don’t forget to safely dispose of all hazardous waste.

Repairing Damaged Surfaces

No home is perfect, and even after a clean sanding and scraping, you’re going to discover some bumps and bruises in the wood. To fill and patch the holes, you’ll want to find an epoxy or patching putty that fits the bill. Wood must be dry before you can apply these products.

Are you ready to completely transform the outside of your home? You’re going to need a reliable paint sprayer and pressure washer to do the job, and we can provide you with those. Send us a line and let us know what you’re looking for.


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