Prepare for Spring Landscaping Early On

We’re about to hit the month of March, which means It’s finally time to start preparing for your spring landscaping tasks. Most homeowners have had to sit back and watch their landscaping wither away during the cold, dreary winter, but as the spring season starts to creep in, there is much to prepare for.

Before you get to work, you should keep a few of these landscaping tips in mind.

Create a Landscaping Plan

While it can be tempting to pull out a bunch of lawn equipment and get to work immediately in the spring, you are likely going to end up in a state of chaos before long if you take that approach. Instead, make a list of everything you want to do in your yard and then organize it so that it all makes sense. This will prevent you from getting too overwhelmed. It will also help you avoid getting in over your head at any point.

Plant Certain Landscaping Features

You might be excited about planting a fruit tree or a shrub that is eventually going to cover up something ugly outside your home. Both are great ideas, but before you plant anything, make sure spring is the best time to do it. While most people automatically assume spring is the right time to plant everything, that’s not always the case. You should also find out how big those specific trees and plants will grow. It could help you steer clear of a problematic situation later.

Yard Maintenance Throughout the Summer

It can be fun to plant a bunch of new trees, flowers, and other greenery in your yard. You should remember that you will need to tend to them early and often over the next few months. Before you commit yourself to doing it, make sure you are going to have the time and patience to care for your landscaping. Otherwise, your yard could end up looking terrible in just a few months.

In order to start your landscaping, you will need certain types of equipment. If you already own these tools, great. If you don’t, Lawrence Tool Rental can set you up with tractors, leaf blowers, garden tillers, and more so you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new set. Make your landscaping and gardening duties easier and call us at 317-826-2654 today to schedule your rentals.


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