Nifty Lift SD34T Boom Lift


Whether you’ll be working on rough terrain or on softer ground, the Nifty Lift SD34T Boom Lift is equipped to keep you steady and level on any surface. It has hydraulic outriggers to hold you in position and a telescopic upper boom that can help you reach new heights in a wide assortment of different environments. Plus, it’s much lighter than many other boom lifts, which makes it quite fuel efficient and easy to transport to your job site.


Working Height (A) Working Outreach (C) Platform Height (B)
42ft 20ft 35ft
Machine Width (F) Machine Height (D) Machine Length (J)
5ft 1in 6ft 5in 12ft 10in
Working Width (G) Travel Speed Gradeability
10ft 6in 3.6mph 45%
Gradeability Turning Radius Minimum Weight
24° 12ft 10in 4980lbs
Safe Working Load Basket Width Basket Depth
500lbs 3ft 7in 2ft 2in
Power Options
Battery only
Petrol or Diesel Only
Bi-Energy (Engine & Battery)