EZ Trench Flower Bed Edger


Would you like to get your hands on an edger that can help you create beautiful landscape beds in your yard? The EZ Trench Flower Bed Edger is one of the best options on the market today. It’s easy to maneuver thanks to its compact design and its pneumatic tires. It’s also easy to use when it comes to cutting trenches that are up to 7 inches deep thanks to its carbide-tipped cutting blades and its durable centrifugal clutch. It’s perfect for building new landscape beds or bringing old ones back to life, and when used with a paver blade, it can also be used to install things like concrete pavers, landscape timbers, and landscape lighting.


Superior Maneuverability
Caster steering allows unrestricted turning radiuses for you to create unique and beautiful curved bed shapes.
Pneumatic Tires
Rolls easily over terrain.
A fully adjustable and folding handle allows for easy storage and comfortable working height. Fits into a space 33″L x 27″W x 17″H.
Easily convert to a cable installer which is great for installing hidden pet fencing, low-voltage landscape lighting and control wires.
Carbide-tipped cutting blades
For cutting through the toughest soils and roots.
Oil-Bathed Centrifugal Clutch
Handle Mounted Depth Control
Easily change depth from a standing position.
Adjustable Cutting Depth 2, 3, 4, or 7″
Honda engines provide consistent performance and reliable power.
Honda GX200
Weight 160 lbs