Prepping Your Garden for Growing Season

Okay readers, spring has arrived! We can feel it in the air; it’s almost that time of year when everything turns back to green and we can finally start enjoying our outdoor living space again. What better time to prep your garden for the coming growing season?

The first step is to begin preparing the soil. Keep in mind that wet grass and frozen soil will not be very workable. It’s best to wait until everything is melted so that you can effectively till your garden, allowing air to penetrate the soil. This will help your plants grow strong and hardy.

Once the soil is aerated, you can clean up your flowerbeds by getting rid of all of the leaves, dead grass, and debris left over from the winter months. You can also take this time to mend broken fence sections to keep pests out of your garden.

Another great way to prepare for growing season is to create a composting area if you don’t already have one. While not immediately beneficial to your garden, composting will result in nutrient-rich soil that you can use to feed plants in the future.

The next step is to choose the seeds you will plant. If you haven’t done much gardening in the past, visit your local garden supply store and ask them to help you choose the right seeds for your region. Be sure to bear in mind the light conditions in your garden as well.

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