Plan Out Your Garden this Spring Season

The Spring season has technically arrived, but that doesn’t mean the weather is going to be officially spring right away. Spring is the time where we can slowly start to get out in our yards, cleanup, and prepare our landscapes and gardens for the warmer weather. If you don’t have the right equipment or tools to help you start a healthy garden, Lawrence Tool Rental can help you.

The Importance of Tilling for a New Garden

Tilling is the process of mixing up the ground soil and cultivating it in order to plant seeds and break up the soil where you’d like to start a garden. We want to stress that this is necessary for a new garden. It isn’t recommended for every spring because if you already have a garden, tilling may not be beneficial to the soil.

The purpose of this process is to help loosen up the soil, so that roots can grow through the grand after you plant your seeds. We recommend renting our Maxim Front Line Garden Tiller in order to get the job done the professional way.

Picking the Right Spot

The most important part of planning out a new garden is deciding on the location in your yard. You’ll want a position where there will be enough sun to help the plants, whether vegetables or flowers to grow. Sometimes you may come across tree stumps that may be in the way of your desired garden. It is important to get rid of these headaches by renting our Green Teeth On Stump Grinder.

We also can offer our Self Propelled Stump Grinder for more power to those stubborn tree stumps.

Lawrence Tool Rental

At Lawrence Tool Rental, we are proud to offer individuals or businesses in Indianapolis with our construction equipment. From power tools to tractors, we have the best brands for quality and durability, so that your next project will run smoothly. Contact us at 317-826-2654 or come in and see us. We are located at 5817 Thunderbird Road.

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