Now Is the Perfect Time to Tackle A Fall Yard Cleanup

Fall CleanupHave you gotten around to cleaning up your yard this fall? If not, now might be a great time to take care of some chores you’ve been putting off around the house. By spending just a few hours in your yard, you can prepare it for the long winter season and ensure that you don’t have to spend twice as long revitalizing your landscaping in the spring. Check out a few of our favorite fall maintenance items below.

Clean out your home’s gutters.

At this point, most of the trees around your home have probably shed their leaves for the winter. Unfortunately, a lot of those leaves have likely landed in your gutters. To prevent a mass of wet leaves from clogging your gutter system and inhibiting its ability to direct rainwater away from your home, climb up on a ladder and clean out your gutters before the snowy season sets in. Remove leaves as well as sticks, dirt and any other debris you find.

Rake the leaves off your lawn.

In addition to cleaning up the leaves that have landed in your home’s gutters, be sure to rake any leaves that have fallen on your lawn as well. A dense layer of leaves can prevent your lawn from getting enough sunlight during the winter and make it more prone to mold growth. It’s a good idea to do some raking now so that you don’t have to deal with an unsightly mess of wet, decomposing leaves in the spring.

Prune trees and hedges.

If you have spot dead or overgrown branches on trees and hedges, now is a good time to prune them. Once snow starts falling these branches can break and come crashing down to earth, potentially causing property damage and taking your landscaping efforts a few steps backward.

Put away your outdoor furniture.

Do you still have outdoor furniture left out from the summer? You can protect it by storing it into a shed or basement for the winter. At the very least, purchase covers for pieces of outdoor furniture so that they’re protected from the elements this winter. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy them again in the spring.

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