Grinding Down on Stump Grinders

Tree Stump RemovalCutting down a dead or unwanted tree from your property is only part of the complete removal process. After the tree has been cut down, you still have the stump left behind, and you’ll need to remove it as well. Fortunately, there’s a tool that’s made for the job: a stump grinder. Let’s take a quick look at the history of stump grinders.

Before the invention of modern stump grinders, removing stumps was a lot of work. There were several options to remove stumps, like chaining and pulling as a group or with a horse or horses, but these approaches all were time consuming and difficult. Fortunately, stump grinders have made this once-difficult process relatively simple and fast.

In more recent times, stumps were removed by digging, burning or chemical decomposition. Digging a stump involved excavating around the stump to expose roots, and then cutting the stump away from roots to remove it. This approach is heavy and difficult work and can add hours to a tree removal.

Burning a stump usually involved injecting kerosene or a similar accelerant into the stump and then lighting it on fire. The problem with burning stumps, though, is that it can be hard to get the fire hot enough to actually burn away the stump. Plus, in arid or drought conditions, there’s always the risk of starting a wildfire.

Chemical decomposition of stumps was a third approach. This option usually involved applying a nitrogen fertilizer to the stump, working to accelerate the natural decomposition process. While this approach can work, it takes a long time for the stump to decompose so it’s a far from immediate solution.

Modern stump grinders, by contrast, use a cutting blade to quickly and efficiently grind away the stump. These tools allow a property owner to quickly grind the stump down below the surface of the ground, eliminating the stump completely without the need for risky fires or slow, laborious processes.

Whether you are cutting trees for firewood or removing dead or damaged trees before winter, a modern stump grinder is an essential tool for finishing a tree removal job. Renting a stump grinder from Lawrence Tool Rental allows you to quickly and affordably remove those annoying stumps.

Lawrence Tool Rental proudly serves the tool rental needs of property owners throughout the Indianapolis area. We only rent high-quality tools that will help you finish any job quickly and easily. We also offer convenient delivery options for those who are not able to transport equipment to their home or business. To learn more about our full range of rental products or to reserve a stump grinder for your tree removal project, call us today at 317-826-2654.

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