Benefits of a Plate Compactor for Your Landscaping Business

Plate compactors can play an important role in the landscaping industry, especially for hardscape projects such as patios and sidewalks. A plate compactor can be a helpful tool that grows your business in an efficient way.

plate compactor for hardscaping

What is a Plate Compactor?

A plate compactor is a construction machine used to compress soil and different types of gravel or stone. There is a heavy steel plate on the bottom of the machine and acts like a push-style mower. The compactor vibrates the earth leveling out the ground.

Plate Compactors in the Landscaping Industry:

Building patios and sidewalks in the hardscaping area of landscaping requires a plate compactor to level out the ground.

Plate compactors are very useful when building a flagstone patio because the soil at the base has to be flattened before putting the crushed stone down. After, you’ll have to level out the crushed stone with the plate compactor before putting down the pea gravel. Pitching away from the house is very important when building a flagstone patio. You don’t want there to be any puddles or running water to the house when it rains.

The pea gravel is used to spread underneath the flagstone pieces you lay down for the patio. The plate compactor is used twice and sometimes more when adjusting the soil and crushed stone.

Renting a Plate Compactor Will Improve Your Business

Renting a plate compactor from Lawrence Tool Rental will help your business grow and take on more hardscape projects. It’s an essential tool for building patios, sidewalks, and walkways around a landscape.

Advantages of a Plate Compactor:

  • Increases durability and performance of a job
  • Eliminates future shifting and settling
  • Smoother and even surface

Contact Lawrence Tool Rental at 317-826-2654 today to rent a plate compactor for your next project!

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